Polk Audio RM7500???

I realize that you folks are into higher end equipment but hopefully maybe you guys might have a couple of opinions or suggestions on this system. I am personally not to familiar with it.

I am putting together a modest low budget surround system for my small living room. I will be using my Onkyo TXDS484 to power this system. All IC will be Monster cable including the XP500 16 gauge speaker wire. I will not be using the Polk Audio PSW650HG subwoofer, instead I will use a Velodyne CHT15. Any opinion on the speakers? It will all be upgraded in a few years so I am just looking for something to get me by. Also the main reason I am intersted in this system is it will only cost me $400 for the speakers and $380 for the subwoofer, the cable will also be 60% off retail. If you are unfamiliar with the system do you know anywhere I could find reviews?

Audition the Energy Take 5 system. This system is inexpensive ($500 list), but sounds as good (or better) than some $1k+ systems. Superior to the Polk Audio system.

Happy listening!
Thank you for the response! Where could I find some information on this system? Do they have a website? Do you know of any dealers that I could contact in central PA? Thanks again.
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