Polk Audio LSi Owners

Just wondering if any exist on this forum. I have been kickin around the idea of upgrading my LSi9 speakers, now that I have replaced my digital Frontend with Museatex stuff. I've listened to a couple speakers recently, PMC and Monitor Audio, and I have to admitt. I'm not so sure if I'll be upgrading. Maybe its the sleezy audio stores that carry Polk Audio products that makes me sometimes want to rid of these things, but soundwise...they are still incredible for their price and above that.

I have yet to hear the Reference 3a MM De Capo's and I have a feeling when I do the LSi9's will have met their match, but it amazes me that people (myself included) are quick to brand speakers as not audiophile products simply because of past reputation.
Past reputation, eh......go back in time and get a nice pair of SDA's, a true audiophile speaker if there ever was one.
There is a member's forum in Polk's website.
If you want to stay with Polk, try the Lsi15's. A lot better range and better balanced mid bass. Needs good current amp to make them shine. I have two sets of the 15's and just ready to put one pair up for sale. If interested contact me. All boxes, paper, and about 1year old mint condition
I have to admit. I spent the night listening to a pair of LSI9's that my wife was thinking about putting in her office. the competition is SF Concetos and JM labs 907be's. I would have never even bothered with these speakers, but she liked the gloss black and cherry so we bought them Sat night. Tonight is the first time we listended. thats how excited I was. I bought the new Monster Z4 cables and was much more anxious to try those with my grand pianos and the LSi9's stayed in their box. I am not saying they were better, but for the money the LSi9's not even broken in where the winners. Not looking for the best bang for my buck, but the best sound the concertos get the nod and the LSi9's go up for sale but my hats of to them and I will know better next time before I let someone else make up my mind.