Im trying to find a pair of LS90!!! Would like to know what you think of the LS90.
Hi Danz: These speakers are discontinued as you probably know. They were still selling them at a California chain called Circut City about a year ago, but they are most likely all gone by now. You can read reviews on them at audioreview.com if you like, the owners/reviewers seem to be very enthusiastic about them. If you do not have a large/huge listening area and a strong back there might be better choices available. I would suggest going through some of the speakers threads at this sight as well as auditioning as many speakers as you can in your area. I gave them a short listen in an undersized room at Circut City and was not real impressed although as mentioned the room was too small which made the bass very boomy. I found them to be bright sounding (the opposite of the concensus at audioreview.com) and very fatiguing in a short period of time, again this could have been exaggerated by the room as well as the associated low-fi electronics. They were also expensive (over $1000.00 on closeout) and there are many good new and used speakers in this price range. Also do not have 100% faith in reviews, including this one. Your ears listening to your favorite music are the best bet
I heard them a long time ago. I think that Polk actually got some respect a few years back. But we audiofolks are a fickle, mean spirited bunch, and when polk changed their speakers to be "home theater friendly" and then became available at Circuit City et al., they lost some credibility with the "high end" crowd. I agree, however, that you can do better for the money. Soliloquy, NHT, Meadowlark, all have floorstanders that are really, really good, and can be had for less then a grand used. I owned 4 pairs of Polks, and they're not bad, but there are better. Good luck (and no, I dont know where you could get some '90's,_ I actally saw some 1.5 yrs ago at a dealer, but they were wasted, and they still wanted $1200).
I have a pair purchased in 95.I like them overall,but I have out grown them.I would be interested in selling I live in N.C.