Polk Audio A10

I just scored a pair of these on CL for $100. Figured what the hell. Drivers and tweeters mint. No prior experience with old Polk stuff. Unhooked my B&W 804 matrix plugged these guys in...pleasantly surprised !
u mean the 10A right??? very nice speaker from many years ago ... I had picked up a used pair myself a few years ago and was very (pleasantly) surprised how they sounded compared to some of today's speakers. another nice vintage speaker is the Klipsch Forte I and EPI 20+ (my current fave of vintage speakers)
From what I can tell they are the B's with Silver dome tweeter..horizontal wires coming out from tweeter say Silver coil on em. I believe the A's Jrinkerpt are the Peerless tweeter which are supposedly superior. These things look new. I was at this guys audio room and it was like a vintage showroom. I think he had a pair of the the Forte's in the corner not hooked up. Not to come across snobbish but the Polks are not refined in the mid- highs but damn they sound pretty good with bass heavy stuff. $100 best score yet for me.
you are right about mid/treble refinement ... this will be especially apparent with modern gear and CD. With a vintage receiver or similar with vinyl, the mid/treble problem is not as noticeable.

the klipsch forte suffers from similar problems BUT if you update the crossover and tweeter with the Bob Crites models, they are much improved!

enjoy the Polks