Politics and Music

The Trumpets of Jericho

Beethoven and Napoleon 

Wagner and the Nazis

"Ohio" and the Vietnam War

"Imagine" and consumerism 

The Dixie Chicks 

Countless examples illustrate the intersection of Music and Politics. Jerry Garcia referenced his group as "just a dance band." Always pondered how we react to our choices of music. Divorce it entirely from the controversies of the day and merely enjoy the artistry or allow it to change the way in which we view the world. Transformative, escapism, nostalgia, intellectual profundity, cultural discovery. Large questions. Your thoughts?




check out the link to the oral argument in my case that was decided by SCOTUS, Scalia opinion in my favor (yes, dialectical materialists and Originalists  can see eye to eye). Have a good weekend.

I don't agree this discussion has to be binary. The silent minority of the 60's did support the outcome of Watergate. They could support the war and relinquish their support of Nixon. Musical artists, while not comparable to the giants of literature and philosophy, can point the way to ideological change. And who was ultimately right regarding the war? Countless suffering and death.  Lies upon lies. But we fail to learn. Music educates us in the experience of joy, dance, the suffering of others, and yes, even political expression. 

 My mind of mush at 16 was still a mind that I often regret leaving on the sidewalk of mortgages and fruitless careers. Somehow age delivered humility to my doorstep while too many others received all the answers in a box of cynicism. 

Who among us of a certain age can forget this chestnut. With a few changes, it could have been written yesterday