Polish for Rowland amp facia?

Wondering if any of you found a product that helps cover minoir scratches on Rowland metal front covers?
While I don't know exactly what amp you have, I can assure you that it is anodised finish. They are not designed to be polished. I have taken a "scotch-brite" pad to some of the ones that I make to remove some of the roughness that remains after they are finished. A friend says that he takes finger nail files he buys at a beauty supply shop to smooth his. Not sure what kind he uses, but they may be similar to "upside down" sandpaper. That won't take out the scratches, but may make it more tolerable.
I thought they all had a coating?
Darn, I thought the thread was related to Polish people's opinions on the look of Rowland gear. Not really sure how it would go, but for what it's worth, we Italians really like it.
You should like my stuff even more. All pieces have Italian names.

Back to anodising.........

It is a form of a coating, but one created by an electrochemical process. If they leave the metal in the solution too long, you get what is know as a hard anodise. Some insulators are made this way.

Unfortunately, if you do it to front panel that you want to be a clear anodise, it comes out yellow.

How do I know?? Guess how many times the anodisers have ruined our front panels................
Rowland faceplates have automotive clear coat. Polishing will permanently burnish the surface as you may have already learned. Factory recommends damp, soft cloth to remove fingerprints, etc. Scratches stay, be very careful.
The new ones may well have. The older ones were a straight anodise.