Polish for adagios?

Im wondering what some of you have found to work with polishing the glossy finish of az adagios.I have been using Gibson guitar polish...but streaks like crazy.Hard to get just the gloss finish....?thanks
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Woodworking is another hobby of mine, and I'd suggest you simply use a quality furniture grade paste wax. I've found that Mylands paste wax is easy to work with as long as you follow basic paste waxing guidelines, which are... use a soft cloth... apply a very thin coating... let it dry for a few minites... and wipe it off with another soft cloth. Old T-shirts are good becasue they won't scratch the surface. Never use anything with an abrasive because it'll scratch the surface. Put two or three coats on (wiping down each coat before you apply the next coat) and leave it alone. You really don't need to constantly wax these. I have the Adagios so I know how they're finished. Since they have several coats of clear finish on them, you're not "treating the wood", you're simply polishing the clear coat finish.

Paste wax may help you remove the streaks which the Gibson polish has left behind. Put a little paste wax on an small area with a streak and see if it takes it off before you go further.

Hope this helps you out.
On my piano black speakers, I use Mother's Showtime spray. I imagine any one-step, quick detailer for autos would work well. The best I have used is Mercedes Benz Quick Wipe.
Email AZ and ask them what they recommend. I'm sure they have a particular product that they use for final polishing before they leave the factory. I know that a couple of high end guitar makers use a product Novus No. 1 for their final polish and would probably work well. Frankly, unless there is a particular residue you need to remove, I believe I would just use a soft cotten cloth slightly dampened with water. Be careful with auto cleaners, as many are slightly abrasive.
Or McGuires Quick Detailer Mist and Wipe. I bet they all come out of the same chemical factory ;-)
Thankyou guys..i appreciate the input on a simple forum.You guys i can rely on honest input...cool,thats what i have understood,The auto stuff works....found a glass cleaner..nonamonia.Sprayway glass cleaner works a miracle getting the junk off speaker cabinetry....?
For piano gloss finishes I have tried the detailer sprays from Mothers and Mcguires . The best results though I have had for streak free clean shine is Pledge multi surface cleaner . The trick is , don,t spray it on the surface of the speaker . Use a good clean micro fibre cloth for polishing autos , spray it on the cloth . Keeps the NHT 2.9s I have always looking new . Cheers
01-27-08: Nsgarch
Or McGuires Quick Detailer Mist and Wipe.
This was the other brand I was trying to recall. I believe the Mercedes Benz branded detailing spray is manufactured by McGuires.

The stuff really works nicely, IMO.
I use Cory products for pianos.

First application is a ''scratch remover'' that applies micro gloss to remove swirls and hairline scratches.

Second application is the polisher lotion that brings it all to a new-again finish.

These are inexpensive products sold through music instrument (pianos mainly) stores.

Good luck !
I have not read all the responsses so my apologies if it has been mentioned.
The best thing to use on the Adagio speakers is car wax. Get a good micro-fiber cloth and you're all set. I have been using car wax on many piano finish speakers for years. I have had the best luck with Turtle Wax but any good wax will do.
Thanks guys for your input!!!!
I just finished polishing my Silverline Audio SR-11s with Mothers California Gold Carnuba Cleaner Wax and they look wonderful. I am the only person in the house who loves the gloss red finish but man they look as beautiful as they sound. Although I didn't start this thread, thanks for the tips.