Polarity with SCD-1

I was just reading the review of the SCD-1 in Stereophile.
It states that there is a problem with the absolute polatity when running balanced that will need to be compensated for by reversing the speaker leads.

I have an all Krell/B&W system, with electronic crossover with quad wired speakers.

Is the above true and what does it mean? Has anybody out there dealt with this (problem)? Would pushing the phase button on the preamp solve the problem.

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I have a SCD-1 and the manual makes no reference to the balance outs being phase inverted; at least that I have read. Although I use the RCA's and they are not phase inverted. I can not comment on whether Krell is phase inverted or phase correct; I would assume the latter or ask them. I have a Conrad Johnson Premiere 16ls II pre amp that is (phase inverted) hooked to a Conrad Johnson MF2500 amp (phase corect). Therefore, I must reverse my speaker cables to compensate for the inverted signal.

Basically if you have an odd number of inversions you must compensate by reversing your speaker cables. If you have an even number of inversions then your system is phase correct and you do not need to reverse your speaker cables. The manual that came with your equipment should tell you if the component is phase inverting or not.

Phase inverting/noninverting is not a problem but a design methodology that some manufacturers imploy; you just need to compensate for it. Hope this helps.

To avoid having to switch polarities for different equipment, this is what I did. Most US equipment uses pin 2 hot versus the pin 3 hot config on (most) Japanese equipment. What I did was have Cardas reterminate my balanced Golden Reference cables - at the source end - to make the SACD output phase correct with the rest of the equipment. It's important to do this at the source so the + and - legs both use the same conductor. Often ground/shield is a different material from the signal bearing parts. Also, the Sony generates its balanced audio signal thru a series of cheap op amps, many prefer its signal ended operation as purer. YMMV. How's that for anal?
My Krell preamp (KRC-HR), has a phase switch that the owners manual says inverts polarity 180 degrees. Will this solve the problem?

(By the way all my Krell units have correct polarity with pin 2 being hot. The Sony has pin 3 hot.)

Yes, the phase switch will solve the phase issue but not the way these units (not just the Sony) generates a balanced signal.
What does the 2nd half of your sentence mean?

Quite a few of the recordings are out-of-phase anyway. The easiest thing to do is to use the phase inversion switch in your pre-amp, just toggle it and see whether you can hear a difference. I do that all the time. There is no need to change any cable connection.
LAte night truncation of thought...what I mean is that the Sony is not a purely balanced differential design throughout. And the phase inversion switch won't make up for that.
Drrd's talking about polarity, not phase -- right? In which cae, reversing the poles s/where (speakers say) does the trick. (Don't know about the scd-1, whenever I have listened someone else has been doing the setting up.)

If not, it seems that Ivanj is the bearer of bad news.