polarity questions

so the xlr inputs on my amp follows #2- and #3+ while my cd player's outputs are #2+ and #3-. neither has a "polarity inverting" feature that I am aware of. here's where the questions begin:

1. the easy way to solve this issue is to swap + and - speaker cable connections at the speaker binding posts while leave as is on the amp end. but that will invert my other source(s). is this correct?

2. my other source is a turntable, so by changing the cartridge clips I can "invert" teh polarity of the cartridge so both my sources are inverted when they go through the amp and are then reverted at the speakers, is this reasoning correct?

3. is there any reason to be concerned that the delicate phono signal is going to the phono stage inverted?

many thanks for any help. I am electrically/physicsally/technologicaly challenged.
If you think it ("absolute phase") matters, get a balanced interconnect made with Hot #2 on one end and Hot #3 on the other end. It would be easy to modify your existing interconnect.
What Eldartford said.
Quite a number of the recordings we purchase(digital or analog) are pressed out of phase. At recording venues, much equipment/many microphones are out of phase with each other unless care is taken to insure otherwise.(facts of life) Don't get me wrong. I'm a believer in Absolute Phase, and can hear the differences ON SOME RECORDINGS. I don't obsess about it though. Both of these CDs include tracks that will allow you to determine if you can actually discern the differences when polarity is reversed. The Stereophile CD's notes don't inform one as to when the reversal takes place(a more honest test). You might try them, before making adjustments to your system, unless you are truly bothered by polarity inversion(or the idea). (http://www.amazon.com/Chesky-Records-Sampler-Audiophile-Compact/dp/B000003GF3) (http://www.musicdirect.com/product/76505) Have you read 'Wood Effect: Unaccounted Contributor to Error Confusion in Acoustics and Audio' by R C Johnson? That will add fuel to your fire, but it's a "must read" on the subject.