Polarity on the Infini cap?

Just got a pair of the Infini caps to replace the Kimbers in my AE-3 pre. The Kimbers have different color leads for polarity but the Infini's don't. Any idea as to how I should install them? Thanks in advance.
If you look at the label on the capacitor and read it left to right, then it is suggested that the signal come in on the left and leave on the right(which sounds nuts since this is an alternating AC voltage) but it is how the cap is internally made. Other than that, there is no "Real" polarity on the small signal caps. Hovland and Kimber look very similiar. The caps I have use had a red and green lead with green being the incoming and red being the outgoing according to the manufacturer. However, they also said that you should try them both directions. You can go to the Infinicap web sight (TRT) for more information or call Michael Percy @ Percy Audio. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the reply Bigtee. I will follow the Kimber placement when I replace them. As you stated these have the color coded leads.
Anyone remember the old Sidreal Caps, the Kimber caps look suspiciously similar. Are they one in the same? Anyone know?
Not familar with them Maxgain. What I would like to know is what I should expect sonically with the Infini caps. Also what should the burn in time be? Thanks again.
A point about the idea that it should make no difference since the caps are passing an AC signal. A piece of wire could replace the cap if the only function was to pass the AC signal. Even though they are passing an AC signal, there is a difference of DC potential across the cap. They are called AC coupling caps in this application but they are really DC blocking caps used to isolate the DC potential between stages.

So the the orientation could make a difference.
Herman, I buy what your selling and it might make a difference in absolute terms(maybe.) However, as I stated earlier, manufactures say try them both ways. The Infinicaps are not marked for polarity and neither are many other caps. When they are of very small uF value, they will work either way. It is a matter of how the cap is manufactured in regard to construction of the dielectric. Some caps like this, it really doesn't matter which way they go. Kimber and Hovland use green and red leads for orientation, not polarity. Generally, you go with best sound. If it was a big issue, manufacturers would label the caps as such. Big power supply caps are another matter. That is why the have a definite + or - designation.
South43, what I found with the InfiniCaps as far as sound id that they seem to preserve transient and harmonic informaiton very well. There are also different series of these that have different sonic signatures. I think it would depend on the aplication which one you choose. I have used them in two different projects(mono tube amps where I used the signature "D" type & an ARC SP9 where I chose to use the "S" and some of the now discontinued SETI types) where I replaced other poly type caps. In both cases they gave me a more focused well defined sound with lots of harmonic richness, without being at all edgy. As far as burn in they seem to get up to speed quite quickly but may depend on the size of the caps you are using. Are you aware of the new TRT DynamiCaps? TRT does say that you will set a softer overall sound with the orientation in the reverse of what Bigtee described in his first post.
I believe I chose the sig "D" caps Maxgain. I will try to get those in this weekend. These caps are .22 600v versions so burn in should be quick based on what you said. I would like to change the oil caps in my pre also but can't seem to find the voltage on replacements. I may have to give Mr.Dennis Had a call.