Polarity on Gamut Phi Loudspeakers

Does anyone own a pair of Gamut Phi loudspeakers?
I recently purchased a used pair, but the nuts on the binding posts were in a sperate bag (not screwed on to the posts). There do not seem to be any markings on the speakers to identify + and -, and the pictures on the web have shown the red/black nuts on both the left and right posts. Can someone tell me which way round they should be.
If you briefly connect a 1.5 volt flashlight battery to the speaker terminals, whichever connection polarity results in the woofer(s) moving outward should correspond to the red speaker terminal being connected to the battery's + terminal.

-- Al
What Almarg said.
Just touch the battery connections briefly to the posts, and watch for the movement. Depending on the speakers, the movement may be rather small. you can repeat several times no problem. The best seeing is at the moment the battery touches, just holding it there is not gonna get you any more. Just a heads up on battery to post action.
And the two speakers may be not the same, so check both in case the terminals are also mirrored
Making sure the speakers are 'in phase' is, IMO, more important than the absolute phase of the speaker.
You can and should do that by ear.

Once in phase, swap both speaker wires or use the phase switch on the pre to determine if you have a preference. That'll also change by album or even song if you can hear it at all.
Magfan, I find myself switching the phase on my DAC for certain CD's, it really can make a large difference in the soundstage.
When I tested....Most rock zero response. Apparently too many inputs and not enough attention to coherent phase in the recording process.

Some solo instrumental, it makes a difference. Live albums? That seems to work sometimes, too.

I took an online test using earbuds, which I know not to be 'best case' and scored 50% correct. Maybe I'm not sensitive to this phenom.

It may not help that I am a 'set and forget' type. The remote for the amp, with the phase control is over on a shelf......somewhere........It may not even have batteries installed, since it it so infrequently used.

As far as the original post:: The speakers can either be identical or 'mirror image'. So, looking at the back of the speakers, the posts can be A/B//B/A or A/B//A/B. That's why I recommended starting with getting them in phase. The rest? Have fun! Swap the leads around to hearts content.