Polarity between amps

First time question and is probably a basic 101 for many. My EE tube pre amp inverts polarity, my new Consonance M400 mono blocks do not to my knowledge. Should my red speaker lead be plugged into the black negative out of the amp and also run into the black lead of the speaker and not to complicate but they are bi-wired speakers, do I also reverse the other leads at the speaker end also. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
Just switch the pos and neg leads at either the amp end or the speaker ends. Not both! This will change the phase. Then see which sounds better to you and report back. It really depends on your cables which is easier to switch. My biwire cables have single leads at the amp end that then are externally biwried to the speakers. So in my case it would be easier to make the change at the amp end and not the speaker but you could do either. Let us know how it turns out.
Hello Danham, 50% of all recordings are out of phase so this is not likely to make much difference. Its easier to hear absolute phase when the recording used only 2 microphones. Relatively speaking, that's not a lot of recordings.
Well, You have to HEAR the difference for it to matter. If you personally cannot tell the difference.. Then why bother?
If it is all just theory, then be comforted by the fact the polarity of most recordings is all over the place. Not just 0 or 180 but any place inbetween too.
The EE has a push button on the front panel for phase . Just press it in and it turns red. You should not have to reverse speaker cables .

Scratch that . I just reread your post for the EE pre . The dac has the polarity button . So yes just reverse the positive and negative on your speakers .
Thanks for the responses. I wanted to make sure nothing would be damaged with my experimentation. I didn't hear enough of a difference to feel it was material. Tubes are new for me so now I'll trying rolling them for a change.Dan
Elizabeth is so correct. No recordings are going to be "in phase or reverse phase". As soon as there is more than one mic phase is gone. As soon as something is eq's phase is all over the place. And for the folks that think their precious audiophile recordings are not eq'd, nearly all are at least one point.

All that matters is that your speakers are in phase with each other.
Recordings that are out of absolute polarity sound thin, undynamic, unengaging and bass shy. About half of all recordings are out of absolute polarity. I know what you're thinking, "they all sound great to me!" :-)