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Since I'm new here I know my question has been asked before. So if I can view or research some threads please help me find them. My question would be how to get started on a new/first system? Also why would it not be better to just purchase a boxed home theater system(it seems it would be cheaper)? Also what could be used in startup of a system from components from the early 90's? All hobbies are addictive and they get expensive but when first starting out you do until you can do better that I understand hopefully there's some help on this subject already here help me find it.

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I should have included this in my last post but didn't think of it at the time of writing. I would guess speakers are the most important piece to focus on chewing up most of the $500 budget. If I'm correct with that assumption I would guess that would limit my choices in a CD or DVD player.
For the responces I'm thankful. I only have an Onkyo TX 902 tuning amp that I may consider using if possible. My emphasis is mainly listening to music(although my wife and daughter rents/buys on the minimum 15 DVD's monthly so I may have to consider more). $500 seems to be a more realistic budget right now. I know DVD players are capable of playing CD's but the aforementioned Onkyo is not A/V so I may be limited there. I will do more research here and maybe other sites others mentioned here. Thanks all will be listening for more advice.
Thanks Reubent, good advice as was the other posts on this thread. Now I have to research some speakers and a player and a few things I'm contemplating(which I can likely find thru doing DD as Bartokfan suggest). $500 is the budget I'm sticking to so I like the direction you pointed out.