PNF & LAT Int. questons?

To the audio community I need some helpful opinions, I am (finally) considering changing my speaker cables to my Apogee Slant 6's (ARC CD2/Classe CAP151), the front runners are PNF Symphony and Lat International SS-1000 MKII, right now here comes the questions; I am looking to try to be cost effective (as many are) but I want to acheive excellent resolution, speed throughout the entire range, a huge & deep soundstage, and netural non fatiuging presentation. The synergy with my current cables is great (CryoParts Beast pc on CD, RSA Poiema Sig ICs, RC Audio Bi-wire speaker) but of course I'm looking to kick it up another notch. I have noticed that neither cabled is cryo'ed, the PNF is OHFC Copper and the LAT is a hybrid silver/copper. Do the choices sound logical for the end requirements? or should I be staying to RSA speaker cables as well? I don't want to be trapped by needing a selection that dictates the need for cumulitive effects (as I love my RSA Poeima's). Could you please help with opinions? Thanks ----Ray
Have you also checked into Signal Cable?
They have a copper line of speaker cables, interconnects, and power cords, and a Silver Resolution line as well.
Exceptional value for the money!