PMC versus ATC passive monitors. Pros and Cons

I would like to hear opinions about the PMC versus the ATC passive monitors especially the "bookshelf" models.
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PMC is bass reflex and ATC is near field. Very different presentation. Depends on what type room setting you have, you might prefer one over another. However, the ATC requires higher power amp than PMC due to the nature of the design.
PMC is transmission line. ATC is sealed box.
They are both top quality monitors many record companies use. I would say if you have a big listening area, stick with the PMC's larger models. The ATC are more for a medium to small area. PMC is also cheap and require less power for full performance. I have seen sucessful good sounding systems with both. ATC has a more powerful sound, never fatigue. PMC has a very true, life-like sonical signature, better soundstage than the ATC. However, I heard them in different set ups.
The ATC's are much better than the PMC's in the early price points, the ATC drivers are on another planet from the Vifa drivers PMC uses.

The tweeters are similar, the PMC's are not bad speakers but are ordinary in the under $3000 class. With the price drop in ATC recently, the 12's are unbeatable at $1600us.

You should see the magnet structure on the 12's woofer, ridiculous. You can run the 12's well with amp like the NAD 320BEE, but don't be afraid to put a 4Bsst on them either.