PMC speakers vs B&W... has anyone compared?

I'm coming to realize the next step up the sonic food chain might be more capable speakers then my CDM 9NT's. The Natilus range (804/802) might be the ticket... I've always used B&W's, but have an itch for something different too. Looking at the numbers of the PMC FB1+, seems to tell me their range is amazing - much broader then the 9nt's. I know specs don't tell the whole story so I thought I'd see if anyone with any first hand comparision of these brands might shed some light. What would be considered a better speaker in PMC's line the the smaller Natilus floorstanders?
Jazz and rock on vinyl is what I listen to mostly.
Three demos make a pattern - also observed by others ;-)

I have no vested interest in "bashing" - just relating what I heard and why I didn't buy it. I have ehard all of the nautilus range - the smaller ones are better.
I had B&W speakers and got rid of them. I couldn't listen to the trreble, metalic coloration, very tiring. And that midrange... totally unmusical.
Agreed and most models require gobs of power. Generally speaking those amps, Krell, Bryston, AR, etc. have sonic signatures similiar to the B&W speakers making for a painful listening experience. All of course IMHO.
Just remember Sailfishben most of these people have never been to or hardly ever go to live music being it amplified or acoustic. I work in hi fi and find most peoples reference is another audio system which is a very poor refrence. I would never listen to anyone on any forum, when I want a good laugh
I go onto audio forums. Most everyone on here has not a clue what music really sounds like.

PS: B&W speakers are used in most high end recording studios
like Abbyroad,Lucas film,Sony music studios the list goes on.
If that dont't tell you somthing what will?