PMC speakers vs B&W... has anyone compared?

I'm coming to realize the next step up the sonic food chain might be more capable speakers then my CDM 9NT's. The Natilus range (804/802) might be the ticket... I've always used B&W's, but have an itch for something different too. Looking at the numbers of the PMC FB1+, seems to tell me their range is amazing - much broader then the 9nt's. I know specs don't tell the whole story so I thought I'd see if anyone with any first hand comparision of these brands might shed some light. What would be considered a better speaker in PMC's line the the smaller Natilus floorstanders?
Jazz and rock on vinyl is what I listen to mostly.
Dry to me means not having a "musical" or "organic" character. Dry, lean, analytical, call it what you want but they do not convey music in a manner I find pleasing.
I experience listener fatigue very quickly with B&W speakers. There are much better choices, IMO, as I posted earlier.
Hey but if you like them, it's your money.
Three demos make a pattern - also observed by others ;-)

I have no vested interest in "bashing" - just relating what I heard and why I didn't buy it. I have ehard all of the nautilus range - the smaller ones are better.
I had B&W speakers and got rid of them. I couldn't listen to the trreble, metalic coloration, very tiring. And that midrange... totally unmusical.