PMC OB1 & Mark Levinson 23.5+26s combo

Good match or mismatch

Any recommendation on how to make this match better?

I have no intention to change the gears.

Thanx in advance.
Your question is rather vague so here is some basic information. I don't know the speakers so I looked them up. They pose no special problems and are an easy load to drive. I do know the ML very well. The 26s is still a world class pre. If it has the balanced board, definitely use balanced cables to the 23.5. The 23.5 will drive most any speaker ever made and is an extremely powerful and stable amp. If you have more specific questions I will try to answer. I still own a 26s and have used a 23.5.
Thank you very much Danny, for your comment.. Original PMC ob1 (not i series) is very power hungry 3 way speaker, with the reputation of difficult to maneuver bad a$$. However once the right amp is connected it reveals its full potential of extremely deep ATL bass and perfectly balanced sound... So people tend to recommend 300w+ and overwhelming damping factor power amps... like Sim or Bryston. I was wondering if my ML 20 series combo was doing OB1 a justice.. But by looking at your comments, it seems ob1 is getting what they need...But the question still remains about the good match.. Because I haven't seen any comments on this match anywhere, despite the fact that they both seem to have characteristic potential to be a very good match.