PMC MB2 vs Revel Salon 2 vs Dynaudio Sapphires

Which one is better? I want to upgrade my speakers and choose one of them. I love Jazz, Rock, and even Classical music. Please give me your opinion. thanks
These are all great speakers. I'd suggest you give more details to help people give suggestions - for example have you heard each of these speakers and what were your initial thoughts? What is most important to you bass or midrange? etc.
I did not hear Dynaudio Sapphires for long enough to form a firm opinion (to whatever extent it can be firm when you do not audition in your system), but in general was very pleased with what I heard.
Revel Salon 2 I am not crazy about, heard too much of cone material (same kind of very slight coloration I hear from Elac for example).
I own PMC IB2, heard PMC MB2 / XBD.
I would rather own MB2 (what a surprise). IB2 is more forgiving, MB2 is very controlled and border analytical.
I would like to hear active 3-way ATCs, if you hear them together with PMCs please post impressions.
If just given these three options, the MB2's would win without question, in my room, with my electronics, to my ears. If more folks listened to PMC large speakers, IB1/2, MB2, etc - Revel, B&W, and many others would have a higher resale value since fewer pairs would be on the market, since fewer would be purchased in the first place!

Listen to PMC and do so with serious solid state energy.
You will not be dissapointed.

Thanks guys. I look for the one with sweet and clear high, accurate mid and heavy, punchy, clear and detailed bass with authority. I think i will go to audit them soon...
As a dealer I have some bias towards the Dynaudios, however, the PMC MB2 is a fantastic speaker as well. It would come down to your personal tastes. The Sapphires have the better top end imho, however the PMC is a true fullrange speaker capable of playing deeper than the Sapphires. The Dynaudio C4 might be a more worthy competitor. I could live with either.

Not a fan of Revel. But certainly should be on one's short list.

The Eggleston Andra II is a sleeper as well. I'm kinda digging it right now.
I love the fact that revel is so bashed on this site, Its almost like people are scared of big bad revel ! I am 36 years old but have been in this hobby for at least 18 years, have heard some of the most over priced " hi-end"
speakers out there, I have also worked at some of the best dealers in our state, And I can say that the revel solon
is by far ! the best speaker I have ever heard, it is simply amazing!! after listening to them I just cant understand what there is to not like ? I think that most who dont like them have hearing damage .I replaced my pmc ob1 speakers with revel f32s and sorry, the revels are better in every single way hands down. good luck from a happy revel owner !!!!!
Thanks guys. I look for the one with sweet and clear high, accurate mid and heavy, punchy, clear and detailed bass with authority. I think i will go to audit them soon...

IMHO, Heavy and Punchy bass are kind of an oxymoron. Generally heavy bass tend to sound boomy or muddy whilst the tightest punchiest type speakers actually sound rather bass light compared to the usual fare - that is until you crank it in which case the punchy bass sounds much more powerful and in your stomach than the heavy or plodding room vibrating "heavy" bass.

I realize this all depends on how you define heavy...

FWIW - neither PMC nor ATC are "heavy" in the bass compared to most speakers but relatively speaking PMC will "heavier" whilst ATC will be "punchier" (in my sense of the word - if you grasp my meaning)

Good luck - I hope this clarification helps you in your search.
Thanks Shadome. What I meant for "Heavy bass" is the bass with refine, quality, tight low frequency. Of course i was not talking about the disco/club speakers from Guitarcenter.

A friend of mine believes the best speakers in the world is $700 JBL club speakers with 18" bass driver. After i listened to them, oh my God, the bass was very heavy with quantinty but not quality.