PMC ,Harbeth or B&W?

At the moment i use B&W CDM 1NT for speakers, they have good detail and soundstage but soon my set will moved to
a smaller listening room (4x4m).
Maybe i need a little speaker to listening nearby, 2 options at the moment are PMC DB1 and the Harbeth HL-P3ES2.
I use a Rotel RA-971 mk2 amp with NAD C 520 CD-player and
most of the time i listen to classical music.
Who has experience with the PMC or Harbeth?
DB1 sounds very much like Quad 12LS i used to own...very detailed,transparent, and excellent the Quads...I found them to bright and fatiguing...they both have exceptional bass for monitors...what is up with the Brits these days?...they seem to love this analytical sound at the moment(both captured Product of the YEar awards)...I would venture towards Harbeth or Spendor...good luck...
I'm not familiar w/the PMC's, but I have owned the Harbeth's you've mentioned. Given their cost and the need for 1st class associated equipment to drive them, I would not repurchase them. Given the size of your room and your taste in music, I would highly recommend you consider the Spendor S3/5. An excellent spk., thought not very effecient. Also, an excellent spk. is the JM Lab 705. It has a metal dome tweeter, but it's voiced slightly on the warm side. It's being replaced by a newer model, so I wouldn't delay deciding too long on these. Energy makes excellent speakers as well. The C-1 is superb especially given its very modest cost. The older XL-15 bookshelf spk. is very good as well. If you decide you'd like to give the Harbeth's a try, be sure to enquire w/your dealer about a possible in home trial audition to see if these float your boat. Good Luck!