PMC GB1"i" vs Totem Hawk

I recently heard the new PMC GB1's in a tubed setup and was floored by how good it sounded.
They have made me consider other speakers with narrow baffles and small statures like the Totem Hawk or even an Audio Physic product.
Any comments on these would be welcome.
I listened to a pair in a well treated demo room powered by a B&K Reference 200 and they were out of this world. Some of the best speakers I have ever heard. Considering the size of the mid/bass driver, I would consider them to be the best "monitors" I have ever heard.

I could not believe how tight and low the bass was. It was like a sub was connected. The midrange was crystal clear and focused; highs were smooth and precise. I could listen to them all day.

I will definitely by a pair when I have the $$.
And I will proceed to build a new ST-70 with some nice nice fat EL34's or more likely two MK3 kits with some big and beautiful 6550's for them.

Plus, the GB1 5.1 theater system has become my dream surround theater setup.

I must say, I am now a true believer in transmission line design.
They were being powered by a 50watt Copland integrated when I heard them.
I also heard the Totem Hawks and they were pretty good too.
Now I am trying some Spendor 5se and they are VERY nice. In my room I've had to elevate them a few inches to get their best.
Sadly I find the GB1's to be poor value (like most speakers) At $3K Canadian that puts them into some serious competition with a used pair of OB1's which from what I've gathered is a big step up.