PMC Fact 3 with hegel h160 or accuphase 350

i use pmc fact 3 with hegel h160
the result is quite good, but sometimes the sound is too precise and little emotional.
I would like change it with a accuphase 350 
is it a good couple with my pmc fact 3?

Why did you choose that particular Accuphase?  If you have heard it then you will know if it is a good match for you and your speakers.  I don't think that the Accuphase will have any problems driving your PMCs.  Whether you like the results no one but you can say.
You ask this question because you are not using properties to evaluate your music reproduction system. This has been proven in shootouts using properties to the many listeners who have heard Tru-Fi. You need to think of your music reproduction system as a complete set of individual properties that are the each optimized to work together in the  music reproduction system. This has been proven many times and all listeners have found this to be true.

Those who do not use Tru-Fi in their music reproduction systems will never be happy with their sound because of the distortion. Based on your question it is clear that you love distortion and are trying to find a way to get what you think is the "best" distortion to use in your music reproduction system. But you will never be happy without using Tru-Fi you are like a little child a seeking a new toy.

I accuphase because I found one at a good price
and i think is more sweet and warm compared to Hegel
i never tried it before in my system
for this im asking here if someone know difference from two
and if 100watt is enought for pmc fact 3
i dont speak english very well
I'm trying to understand what you mean
do you think the sound I have now
It is more correct with less coloration and less distortion?
As long as your system don't produce motor boat noise: BoBoBoBoBo..... you will be fine
Sorry I can't think clearly without my coffee this morning, so please ignore what I just said
The E-350 is a very well built integrated, you gain a lot of feature like pre-out/main-in, bypassable tone control and headphone output, it also has slots for D/A and phono card.  If you can find one with good price and condition, I will say go for it, try it in your system, if you don't like it, you should have no problem to resell it. BTW, my experience with Accuphase is their pure class A amp is more sweet sounding.
If you want something more sweet and warm, tube amp is the answer.
I have seen dealer using 'Spec' amplification used with Fact-8, yes the Fact series from PMC is pretty precise and the bass is quite deep.
Spec is  quite warm sounding and for the size it is quite powerful.
I don't know what other brands you have access to.  There are several other solid-state integrated's that are a little more "forgiving" than the Hegel, Luxman, Ayre, even Simaudio (in my experience).  PMC's Fact series is also less forgiving than their Twenty and now Twenty5 lines.  Otherwise, as already mentioned, start looking at tubes.
I often read that  the pmc need a lot of power for to play well
100watt could be enought???
Although I haven't heard it I'm sure the Accuphase would be great and unless your room is huge and open 100 quality watts should be fine.

Two other amps to consider would the Marantz PM11S3 and the Yamaha A-S2100. They, along with the Accuphase have a reputation of being a bit warmer and smoother with a big full sound. Musical Fidelity also has a fuller warmer signature. Good luck.



I would suggest a Bryston 4BSST and a tube preamp.

I have PMC PB1i and use Joule Electra + Bryston. Musical Fidelity is a good suggestion (I have TriVista hybrid integrated too). I would also consider Plinius.

You wouldn't be asking this question had you heard the Accuphase. I would suggest making that happen. Hegel is nice gear but the Accuphase is in a totally different league. (I owned the H200 and now own Accuphase E600). 

Accuphase has an especially rich full mellifluous tone that the Hegel does not.  Hegel leans in that direction but isn't close. If you like a more analytical sound that is not a bad thing.