PMC AB2 monitors...

As the sibling to the popular IB1s I wonder why more people don't use the AB2s. Any thoughts?
I am getting the impression PMC buyers are an isolated group of dedicated fans.
I have recently purchased a pair of TB2s from a fellow Agon member. The 1 or 2 days I have listened to them has convinced me to sell and upgrade to a pair of AB2 monitors. Rarely do I see PMC AB2s for sale. Or discussions about them, this includes the general use of them in systems..
Has anyone experienced the AB2s?
AB2s retail for 5k, now I understand. Nevermind.
The three way Pmcs are a bit leap forward due to the wuality of the midrange driver - go for an ib1 if you can. A pro audio shop will usualy give you a better deal.