does anyone have any expiereince with these..i was wondering about the dynaudio drivers sound and reliability impressions.I hve a pair of both in walnut(in great shape) and a LB1 center in blackash.I will try my Sim Audio Titan on them for HT.Any info would be apreciated(they are packed away for now-house reno's)
thanks John
As you own both pair of speakers I suppose you would be well familiar with the sound yourself. I own the LB1 Signature and find them to have a full nice sound and great bass. Imaging is not the best and high frequency not too open. I drive the speakers with a Plinius amp and expect an improvement with a Bryston. Most speakers are generally quite reliable unless they are abused. The LB1s will have the ability to play louder than most small bookshelves without exhibiting strain or distortion due to the TL design but have their limits.
hi,they are packed away so i do not know the sound with good gear
I enjoyed the full sound of the LB1, and they will sound great with quality gears. I have no experience with AB1 so can't comment on that one. With the large 9" driver, I presume the AB1 will sound much larger with a greater sense of scale, realism and dynamics compared to the LB1. I believe the AB1 will be your main speakers with the LB1 as the rears in HT applications. I would say you've got a pretty solid PMC-based home theater setup that will sound quite spectacular.
i have had the PMC IB1's and loved them but had to give them up...but these came acroos my way and thought i would try them..