PMC 25.23s anyone? Totem Signature Ones?

Anyone with long term experience with the PMC 25.23s? I auditioned them recently and liked them - don't know if they're worth trading up to though...

I  need to go back and listen to the Totem Signature ones too. Any feedback on those?
Dont know if any use but I had PMC 21s (not the latest 25 versions though) they are amazingly clear and precise and was driving them with LINN Majik DSM - the old 21 were standmount to 23 floormount. 
Although precise I felt I was losing a bit of musicality in exchange for a very precise soundstage ...... in the end I put them to second system and replaced them with Harbeth 30.1 which I felt were better in every way - although a different price bracket. Now as I have a lot of space I am thinking of speakers like the new legacy Tannoy Arden to shift a bit more air (demo next month hopefully) but again different beast. 

But back to original ? In smaller room the PMC was amazing and I lived with them for 3 years

Would the totem model 1s work in a 10x13 room with high ceilings (9ft)?
they should be fine (if talking foot not metre)  and again it depends how loud you want. Near field listening perfect ....  and depends on setup. The room i had my speakers in was 7m x 5m and 3.5m tall. Your room is near box so there may be reflection issues ... try the cardas method and see what that says about positioning as starting point
2.76ft from side wall
5.5ft from rear wall if room is set up length ways so half way in room ..... not sure how good totems are in proximity to wall. PMC have front front firing ATL port so could be positioned back but suck it and see ....