Plugs for Nautilus 801s

I recently acquired a used pair of Nautilus 801s. Like most of the Nautilus line, they've got access on the back of the cabinet to a locking mechanism for the midrange for shipping. On my model, this access hole is covered by a little rubber and metal plug about the size of a silver dollar. Unfortunately the seller only had one of them.

Does anyone here know what might be the best way to go about getting a replacement? There is a single local dealer in my town, but they've been very offish about condescending to order repair parts.

Also, does anyone know of any forums that might be populated with more 801 experts?

Hi Illgble,

I have ordered a replacement tweeter cover through my local (Portland, OR) dealer with no problems. It took a couple of weeks to arrive, but the dealership was nothing but helpful and friendly. Maybe you should go through another dealership if yours is that reluctant. All it costs you is a phone call...

Good Luck,
Try contacting B&W USA directly. I have found them very helpful in the past (I own; 801N, 805N, HTM1 and an 850N subwoofer).
Thanks, guys. I'll follow up on all these leads and see if anything pans out for me. I have a pair of CDM 9NTs as well and wanted to get floor spikes for them. I called my local dealer three times to get them to order some and they said each time they'd call me back and never did. I may just need to go over there (all the way across town) and camp in the store until I see the order happen. But I'd rather just deal with someone who wants my business.