Plugging modem wall warts into power conditioner?

I've found that treating my server just like I would a high end transport makes a great, difference to the musicality of my system. In fact, using Signal Cable's Magic Digital power cords with my server along with a PS Audio Power Plant Premier really closed the difference between the PWD and Bridge vs the PWT and PWD. So I was wondering if using a power line conditioner and power cord to plug in the wall warts of my cable modem and wireless modem might also be sonically beneficial? Anyone tried this? If you have not plugged your server or NAS into a power conditioner you might be surprised how much your system will be upgraded.
Switching-type wall warts inject noise back into the AC line. A small isolation transformer will block this and in addition give the wall wart cleaner power to switch. It seems to work for me.
My experience is not quite the same but thought I would share since I view my SB Touch as "mini-computer".

When I first got my SB Touch which used a switching type wall wart, I plugged it to my Richard Gray thinking that all recommendations of using a linear power supply would be mute since the RG conditioner would "clean" things out. In my setup, it did not. I would still her intermittent clicking from the wall wart.

In my setup I also use a wireless bridge that I have my SB Touch connected to. I haven't tried this yet, but SoundCheck from the SB forums recommends replacing the switching wall wart with a linear supply also. In his findings, it makes a difference. So in your question, it could make a difference, but maybe replacing the cheap wall warts might have a bigger impact first and the conditioner will probably just refine it more. Just my guess.
Agree with Rbautista about substituting a linear power supply of the same rating for the wall wart. Doing that improved sound from two DACs I own ( Muse TDA 1543 and Apogee Mini-DAC ).
Please list some sources for linear power supplies ? For Mac Mini?
For the high end, try Acopian.

For cheaper ones, and sometimes some very good deals, eBay is one place. Another might be a local electronics supply house. For example, in Montreal there is Addison.