Plugging an Int Rec Pre-Out into another receiver?

I am thinking (in my setup) of plugging the pre-outs (for Left and Right channels) of a Surround receiver into a Lin-in on my stereo amp for left and right. This way the surround receiver only powers the rear speakers and my good music integrated poweres my good main speakers.

Can I do this?

Basically I am thinking of picking up a cheap (400 or less) surround receiver so I can run it in 4.0 mode (2 good fronts and surrounds for effects/sports). I dont want to mess with my stereo rig and I thing this will let me achieve what I want with an integrated stereo unit.

I want to make sure I wont blow anything up and I dont really care if the surround isnt "true".
The only concern is that you need to find a fixed reference volume level on the stereo amp so that the multichannel balances are maintained every time you use it. If the VC is stepped, it is relatively easy.

If you have a surround pro there is no need for a refrence volume, simply adjust levels in the reciever menu, Kal is IMO makeing it seem harder then it has to be.
Sorry chadnliz, but without a fixed VC setting on the amp, he will need to rebalance the channel volume settings on the receiver every time he uses it. Remember, it's an integrated amp, not a power amp.

I had my system like this at one time...Kal is correct. If you knew were unity gain was (which you don't)...that would be the best set point.

Try the halfway point...worked well for me.

Thanks guys ...I'll have to find a good level and use it when I listen to theater. I am moving to a place that has in-ceiling surrounds that I wouldnt mind using for sports/movies but I didnt want to have to work real hard to work them into my rig. The main thing is I just wanted to make sure I wouldnt damage the stereo integrated.

Thanks fo your help!
sorry, I guees I was wrong