Plugging Amp into Power Conditioner???

I read from a manufacturer that plugging amp into power conditioner can decrease pure power from amp... is this true???
A couple of months ago I purchased a Blue Circle BC6000 power conditioner and have found that there is more punch and authority with my Ayon Spirit 2 integrated plugged into it then my wall outlet. Don't have a dedicated line so I can not comment if that would make a comparable difference or not.
My Jeff Rowland 301 mono amps sound a lot better when getting their power from a Burmester AC conditioner (but that is not the case with several other conditioners I have tried)
Tripoint Spartan is the only line conditioner that I've heard that has unlimited dynamics with no compression.
As others have stated it depends on the design and quaility of the particular conditioner.I have 20 amp dedicated lines and my various tube amps sound good plugged into the wall. However the sound improves quite a lot when plugged into my BPT3.5 Signature Plus conditioner(uses a large high quaility/high current balanced transformer). Every sonic parameter is better with no down side. The noise floor is lowered with exceptional dynamics,inner detail, sense of ease and relaxation and an enhanced realism and live presence.
The blanket statement that power amps are ALWAYS better directly plugged in the wall outlet is a tired cliche.
I agree with Charles 1,as I use dedicated lines also, but use
Torus balanced PUI's.
They do make a HUGE difference and it's all good.
That wall can only give you 15-20a and some non current limiting conditioners don't limit current,they do,because
that's all the wall can give,so they are limited.
Having gobs of reserve power for the amps makes a huge difference.