Plugging Amp into Power Conditioner???

I read from a manufacturer that plugging amp into power conditioner can decrease pure power from amp... is this true???
My experiece is plugging direct with a amp to outlet sounds better then going through any line conditioner.
Amp through LC can sometimes sound like a blanket is over your speakers. ( so to speak )
Dedicated lines are a real plus to start with. If you can't do that start with audio grade out lets, you will hear a improvement.
It depends on the amp and how much instantaneous current it can draw from your outlet. Some amps need a lot of current while others, perhaps switching amps, need less. I didn't notice any difference when my Bel Canto M300s were plugged into my surge protector. And, some amps, like mine, are very sensitive to power surges and I sleep better knowing they are safe. Its up to you and you can try it both ways.
I am not running anything crazy.... Emotiva amps... but from what I was told the engineer says to not connect through LC.... I have a dedicated Circuit...
Some line conditioners limit current; some do not. Really depends on the amp and the line conditioner in my experience.
I own a Bryston 4B-SST2 amplifier and have it via Pangea '9' from my Furman REF 20i conditioner.
I find the sound is very slightly warmer (good) and smoother (good) and clearer (good) with the Furman.
So I use it.
I decided to buy the (used) big top of the line Furman because i tried a smaller Furman on my Denon 4806 Receiver and was very pleased, even though I returned the cheaper Furman because IMO it was (retail) very overpriced for what it had inside. So I found a BIG Furman ($3,500 retail) and got it for a good price ($1,400) and could pick it up. great!
I use the Furman for the non-digital (pre/amp/Plasma TV/Receiver) and the Monster for all digital stuff.
Prior I had a Forte' 4a amp and alternated plugging it 'in' or 'not in' the Monster 7000SS conditioner I owned (and still use for digital). The Forte sound was a trade off with cleaner purer sound bur LESS bass and a leaner sound with it on conditioner, and better bass but a veil over the sound off the Monster.
Once I aquired a Pangea 9 power cord I used the MOnster as the Pangea restored the bass even though the amp was on the Monster conditioner!!
So I use the Pangea power cord still, on the connection from Furman REF 20i to the Bryston 4B-SST2
So the best course it to try it and listen for yourself!!
Any commnet is only a review of someone elses listening experience.
The 'old saw' about amp straight from wall is best is just OLD 'common knowledge' and not always actually valid for modern or good power conditioners.
The golden rule is:
Elizabeth makes some very valid points.

I have my Emotiva UPA-7 plugged directly into my wall socket which is not on a dedicated line and whenever anyone has watched movies with me they never complained about the sound.

For my 2 channel set up I have a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe now plugged into a vintage Tice Power Block Power Line Conditioner and to me the music sounds a lot less grainy and lean. I have some improvement in the treble. It is less harsh overall.
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I have a big ass 100 watts per channel pure class A Threshold T200, plugged into my TARA Labs AD-10B Power Screen.. I find the sound to be slightly warmer, smoother, and clearer, too... controlled, but, also very slightly compressed, which I think is considered to be loss of dynamics (in the music/recording) by most audiophile's who prefer to plug their power amps directly into the wall.. But, when I plug my T200 directly into the wall, music sounds somewhat out of control and out of focus.
I would not leave my McIntosh MC352 plugged into the wall. My Chang Lightspeed HT1000 contains outlets for digital, analog, and amps and the system sounds better in all aspects rather than connecting to the wall. I have never experienced an instantaneous power deficiency. Dedicated lines still suffer from EMI/RFI.
A couple of months ago I purchased a Blue Circle BC6000 power conditioner and have found that there is more punch and authority with my Ayon Spirit 2 integrated plugged into it then my wall outlet. Don't have a dedicated line so I can not comment if that would make a comparable difference or not.
My Jeff Rowland 301 mono amps sound a lot better when getting their power from a Burmester AC conditioner (but that is not the case with several other conditioners I have tried)
Tripoint Spartan is the only line conditioner that I've heard that has unlimited dynamics with no compression.
As others have stated it depends on the design and quaility of the particular conditioner.I have 20 amp dedicated lines and my various tube amps sound good plugged into the wall. However the sound improves quite a lot when plugged into my BPT3.5 Signature Plus conditioner(uses a large high quaility/high current balanced transformer). Every sonic parameter is better with no down side. The noise floor is lowered with exceptional dynamics,inner detail, sense of ease and relaxation and an enhanced realism and live presence.
The blanket statement that power amps are ALWAYS better directly plugged in the wall outlet is a tired cliche.
I agree with Charles 1,as I use dedicated lines also, but use
Torus balanced PUI's.
They do make a HUGE difference and it's all good.
That wall can only give you 15-20a and some non current limiting conditioners don't limit current,they do,because
that's all the wall can give,so they are limited.
Having gobs of reserve power for the amps makes a huge difference.
For the past 6 years I have used my own tweaked out DIY balanced power conditioners, plugged into a dedicated 20A line. My latest implementation employs separate balanced isolation transformers for amp, preamp, and digital source. My experience has been similar to Charles1dad's, except that I would add increased low end weight and authority to the list of improvements.
That's another good description"Authoritive"
If these other transformers do what the Torus does,
then personally, people should at least audition or compare
these to other conditioners and they will be able to hear the
huge difference they make.
As some say,once she's at your home,she probably won't be going back.
Major difference musically with huge dynamics,
One of my major upgrades for sure as they did so much for the music and that's what it's all about.
I don't dare plug an amp into the wall where I live, where there can be sudden powerful thunderstorms. About a month ago, the Monster surge protector I plug into took a big surge, and I quickly got up and turned everything off. Later, I turned everything on again and all was well for a few weeks. Then suddenly, the Monster unit just up and died one me about a week ago, some sort of weird delayed reaction I guess. I have been told that this sometimes happens (that a unit keeps working a few weeks after a spike), but it's the first time I have experienced it. It certainly did it's job, I guess. But it also confirmed that I will NEVER plug an amp directly into the wall.