Plug-In Liquid Air Freshener Destroys Vinyl LP

Just a heads up about a product that may be in your home that can destroy vinyl LP's.  I'm sure what happened here is rare but that's why they're called accidents.    

We had an LP leaned against the wall, directly under a wall socket.  Plugged into the wall socket was one of those Liquid Filled air fresheners by Air Wick.  Somehow this air freshener was bumped, and some of the liquid oil did a slow drip onto the LP.   I thought these things were supposed to be leak proof, but not in this case.  The Album was partially soaked with this stuff, the outer jacket, inner sleeve and about 1/3 of one side of the LP.  
Upon seeing this, I quickly rinsed the LP off with warm water and mild soap.  Upon drying the record off, I noticed it was dulled, and had some small blisters on the surface where this oil etched the surface.  A quick spin with a retired cartridge showed that this LP was in fact ruined.  

My wife gatherd up the other plug in air fresheners and discarded them all.  If this stuff can dull and etch vinyl, I wonder what it can do to your skin, or how about your pet?      

Beware of anything like this that can come in contact with you, your pet, your vinyl flooring, or your LP's.  Fortunately, this is a current production album and a replacement is available.    
  What about your lungs ??
I don’t get the fear mongering regarding health unless you are a lab researcher or doctor who has evidence it’s bad for people.

And if that’s the test for a chemical you don’t want in your house, shouldn’t you be testing every chemical in your house on the surface of a record?

Not to mention extreme measures for something that for most people probably has a one in a million chance of happening anyway.
Thanks for the heads up!
How does the chemist tend to put it? Oh yes..:

"If you can smell it, it is killing you."

(Not exactly the correct context, but close enough, with regard to this sort of chemical stew)

A round of patchouli for everybody!

"Don’t wash, Josephine, don’t wash....!"