Pls recommend tube DAC

I'm looking for a good, inexpensive tube DAC. How much is inexpensive ? Around five hundred bucks. Then again, if this tube DAC is that special i can go up accordingly. Thanks for your advice.
Scott Nixon ........enough said. or Peachtree Decco integrated amp with DAC and Amp section design by....Scott N.
both good value and great performence.
Paradisea USB+.

About $650 delivered from the builder in Hong Kong. Available on E-Bay.
For years I've been happy with my California Audio Labs Alpha, which is available around $450 on the used market. With Sylvania 5751 tubes, I still think it's competitive with anything else at that price point.

I've been considering this myself...though I haven't tried one, you may want to look into the Tube Audio Design's TADAC. I have Paul's TAD150 pre & it's very nice...he has a good reputation. Paul has a try the DAC for 20 days & return it ($45 restocking) if it doesn't float you boat offer.
Monarchy M24. It's a tube DAC with a separate tube linestage in one chassis. I can't give you an indepth analysis, as I have limited experience with DACs and audio gear in general, but it has garnered very good reviews and I'm quite happy with it.

Go to the Monarchy site and read the Bound for Sound review if you're interested.

I use it as a preamp. The DAC has an optical and coaxial input, and the linestage has one (analog) RCA input. One for my Oppo, one for my Airport Express and one for my turntable.
OH.. the M24 is about $750.
I second the Paradisea. If you're patient, you'll find one come up on Agon for less than ebay.

I've heard nothing but good things about the Monarchy M24. As Elf73 points out, it can serve as a line stage too. Good article here:

Something Old, Something New: The Monarchy M24 DAC & Linestage by Lynn Olson
A third thumbs up on the Paradisea+ USB.
Like is so often the case, there is no real interest in this post in recommendations of a tube dac, only of recommendations of a cheap tube dac. I would like truth in advertising.
I own the TADAC from Paul and it is fantastic. I also have the Music Fidelity XDACV8 and the TADAC is far more detailed with a better soundstage. Price is $900 and it comes standard with a volume control.
I heard the TADAC in my system and it really is exceptional as stated above....the "tubiness" knob is a pretty cool feature....
I agree with the TADAC- this is only my second DAC and my first tube dac. I originally had a Benchmark DAC1 and immediately put it up for sale when I auditioned the TADAC in my system. It is very detailed- huge sound stage and a great value.