PLS. HELP ME. Hales Rev. 3 midrange driver ?

Helo I'm looking for model of polypropylene-cone midrange Vifa's driver mounted in Hales Revelation Three. Wchich one moodel P11-WH-00-08 or P11-WG-00-08 from Vifa is typical for this loudspeaker ?
well I gather that Hales speaker company is not in around and so they are not servicing their products anymore. So this is why you are having a hard time with finding replacement drivers? If this is the story, I would start by looking and making calls to all shops and stores and try to find someone with the knowledge with Hales speaker's and go with their recomendation with finding replacement drviers. I know this can be a frustrating problem when it comes to finding parts. But they are out there just need to hit on the right source. The best with your hunt.
Try for a replacment driver.

I owned Rev 3s at one time and my recollection is the midrange and tweeter were stock Vifa drivers. The woofer was a proprietary part. The drivers in these speakers were supposedly closely matched; .5db?

Call Madisound. They supposedly know about the Hales line.
I know this is an old post, but the answer is P11WH-00-08.

Here is the spec sheet.