Plitron Transformer for Counterpoint Amp

I read on the Counterpoint ( web site about the plitron transformer upgrade. Does anyone have any experience with this upgrade? Was the improvement really worth it?

I bought the Plitron tranny from Alta Vist Audio and did my own upgrades. The upgrades I did were nice but once I got the Plitron tranny it just lifted the sound of the preamp to a whole new level that sounds really really nice. I recommend this upgrade.

I would say it was worth it.Had it installed in a pre and power amp.I cant really separate the sound out even though on an upgrade in 01 on a 20 I had done without it,to one done in 05 on a 100 with it, as I didnt have the 2 amps at the same time in the system to compare the difference.You know how elusive time is Peter,good to hear from you,Bob