Plinus vs. Burmester amps

If anyone has experience with each of these brands of amps, I would like to know your impressions. I have heard & read good things about each. Thanks in advance.
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I used a Plinius SB-301 stereo amp for a year. It was a powerhouse that produced very strong bass and very good dynamics. It sounded just slightly rolled off on top and was not the last word in transparency, so a little bit tilted toward the "musical" end of the musical/resolution axis. I did find it a much better match for my tastes with my Revel Salon 2s than Revel's Harman stablemate Mark Levinson 532H, which was a bit tame.

Although it is considered a Class A/B amp and Plinius does not state any ratings for Class A, the SB-301 is claimed to be highly biased into Class A. I can believe that, as it did run quite warm for me.

It took an insane deal on the Symphonic Line Kraft 250 monos I am using now to knock the Plinius out of my system, otherwise it would still be here. The Kraft 250s are certainly better, but given that they retail for 3X the list price of the SB-301, they should be.