plinth for garrard 401

i have a garrard 401 with extraheavy granite plinth,sme 309 tonearm, clearaudio stradivari cartridge, is good the granite?, what is the better plinth for my garrard?, your recomendations please
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I would not recommend granite or slate.., both of them ring. Both are hard materials with a high Q point. I know you see a good number of people using this material for their 401's or SP 10 machines but I attribute this to the LEMMIING FACTOR..., one jumps, they all jump. Go for a combination of woods to meet out the damping characteristics you desire. Remember just because something is heavy does not always make for good sonic properties.
Hard materials like granite and slate will "ping" resonance back into the playback system (read, platter/stylus). a combination of maple or poplar/panzerholtz..etc may be just the ticket. Do not use too much Panzerholtz as it is a very good damping materal and VERY VERY dense, but it will NOT ring :)