Plinius without balance, koyaanisqatsi?

So, i have building a nice balanced system and love my plinius 8200p mkII with my dynaudio's, BUT it has no balanced inputs! and, i would like to get into the new generation of plinius (p8, sa201, 9200).
i have been using an ayre k3xrp pre and a cary 306/200 cdp...balanced, balanced, balanced. the ayre has been an excellent match for the plinius since i wasn't enamored of the pre section in the 8200. my present amp has plenty of power to drive and control my danes as well as fill my listening room. so, a p8 would like work, while an sa-201 would, i think, be overkill in my room (18x14, speakers off the 18 ft. wall)

a anyone with any idea regarding upcoming editions of the p8 with balanced inputs? the "matching" m8 pre has both balanced and single-ended in's and out's fer crying out loud. maybe i should bite the bullet and go with a 9200 with adapters? tha's what i am doing now with the amp i have and the balanced out from the cary sounds better to my ear than the rca. maybe the 9200 will be coming out with balanced circuitry? is the pre section of the 9200 highly improved over that of the 8200 mkII? oy.
Budburma,are you familiar with the nepalese phrase"bumbully"?Just curious,I have no knowledge of Plinius amps,sorry,Bob
nope, and i never been to spain. turned away at the border by mistrusting insurance checkers in drive-up fast food uniforms. all seeming to quote in united and foreign tongues, each his own a babble of "one good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain." and, btw, fwiw, i have barely, if not less than, average
Good answer,I will return to my pillaging and hope you get some straight input from the natives,adieu,Bob