Plinius with Vandersteen 2ce

I am thinking about buying a pair of Vandersteen 2ces as a secondary speaker. How well do you guys think vandersteens whould mate with Plinius gear? I will have the SA-100 mkiii hooked up to them. Thanks
I used to own that amp and a friend had those speakers

I think it would be awesome if a bit warm...

both have really good midranges and the iron vise grip of the Plinius would help with the slightly loose Vandy bass, a guess is that the high end may be a bit rolled off but you would be lovin the mids

I have the 8200 MKII integrated paired with Vandy 2Ce Signatures...wouldn't change a darn thing about it, I assure you!

There's never been a time where I've said "Gosh, that's a little too warm" while listening.

The Plinius is like a very refined rump-kicker, if that makes sense. So when you put that with the truly full-range sound of the Vandys, it's a great thing.
underlying, i have owned the 8200mkII and the Sa100MKIII and the 8200 mkII is a bit lightweight campared to the SA100MKIII fwiw

For several reasons (including domestic), separates wouldn't work too well for me.

So, alas, I'll have to keep slumming it with only an integrated from Plinius.

Somehow I'll find the courage to survive. :)

by lightweight i mean the SA100 has a fuller sound and so that is why i mention it may be a bit warm with the vandy, where the 8200 is a bit lighter and so that is why you think the match has good balance

sorry to hi-jack your post Macd