Plinius warm-up

I've read on these boards the issue that the Plinius 8200 needs plenty of warm up time to sound right. This has been my experience also. I was wondering if other people are hearing the same specific qualities that I am. When the amp is not warmed up, the mids and highs play back level is lower, the lack of frequency balance giving the amp a bland sound. But the bass seems to be just fine compared to a warmed up amp. Same for you?

It isn't just Plinius that take about five days warm up to settle down sonically, they all take that long.....
I agree with Bob. I just did test with my Sony 777 SACD player where I unplugged it for a half an hour and plugged it back in. It sounded like I thought it always did. Then I can back after a few songs to the beginning test track that I use to hear drum dynamics and noticed a difference. I would not have believed it unless I heard it for myself.
mi plinius sa 100 when I leave on AB for a day, its
sound close to class A mode. I notice If its off.
it takes 2 hours beofr it will perform to its
peak. I class A mode it takes a hour then its audio
heaven the inner detail is next to none.
I have an 8100 and I leave it on all the time. I feel that Plinius, more than anything else I own, needs time to warm up and since I listen a lot, I just always leave it on.
Every Plinius(and so I believe Pass) amp has an extraneous heat sink area for its output elements. This situation is substantially better than having a lack of a heat sink area, but it needs a great amount of time to bring the amp to the normal operating conditions.

Along with it they idle cool and quiet and need no worries that something will burn internally or externally. Moreover no extraneous ventillation or cooling neccessary as well.
My Sim is on 24/7, as they recommend. Even then, I warm it up with music, fairly loud, for 15 minutes or more before settling in for serious listening. The difference is not subtle. Most improvement comes in image and soundstage depth and, well, warmth.
I leave my Plinius SA-102 on in A/B mode all the time. If I'm planning on listening in Class A I flip it into class A and let it warm up for about 20 minutes. If I simply start listening it is a bit harsh in the highs, relitively! Plinius seems to be very sensitive to this issue. If I do turn the amp off or unplug it for some reason it takes a couple days to get back to top performance.
Same here. In my review of the Plinius 8200 mkII, I noted the extended warmup time required, even after being "broken in."

As Jadem6 states, even unplugging it for a little while requires a few days of warmup to get back to tiptop sound. I unplugged mine for 5 days (I went out of town and there was threat of a major winter storm). Took about that long for it to come back!
all amps tend to need a couple of days to warm up. i leave my amps running with a cd in the player for 24 hours before i listed to the music. if i know someone is comming over to hear my system. i run it for a day or so. my sa250 never gets turned off ever. my tube amps i let warm up for about a day. so you see my friend they all need some exersize.
All amps seem to benefit from warmup but my 8200 Mk II does in particular. I leave it on all the time. Also a 10 gauge power cord is important. I got great results, although differing results, from Kimber, Shunyata and Cardas power cords.
A review said that this model has a "soft buzz", which you can hear it at 2 meters distance in a quite room...
Is this really true?
Does it have any noise or hum...?
Which review is that, Hungplu? Mine does not have such a hum. If I turn the volume level up, with nothing playing, there is a slight hissing noise.
I also have an 8200 MkII and there is definitely no hum from my amp!
What do you do if you have a tube preamp - I just can't let tubes burn for no reason - a tubed pre has to be turned on and stable before turning on the amp - right?