Plinius Vs. Sim Audio integrated

Has anyone compared these two highly regarded integrated amps? I have heard the Plinius. I love the warm sound and dynamics, but feel that it lacks the low level resolution and detail I want. This is more pleasing to me than the Krell integrated, with detail and grain. I was wondering if the Moon I5 might give me the best of both worlds. I would find a way to demo it before I buy, but I would appreciate hearing any experiences anyone has had with them.
I own (owned) the plinius and it is quite good but the 2 that will blow it away are the vac and the audiomat. Both are in a different class
I have been using the Sim I-5 since March. I have found it to be excellent. Unfortunately (for your comparison) I have not heard the Plinius. I tried to find one to demo, but here in Toronto (Canada) there are NO Plinius dealers. That said, I went through a plethora of amplifiers, everything from the audio pucini through Bryston and YBA. Nothing, and I mean nothing could beat the I-5. Some had more power or one characteristic or another that I liked, but Sim was overall the best balance. I'd actually put money down on a Bryston B60-R prior to getting the Sim. A freind saved me from making a BIG mistake. All I can say is give the Sim a listen. My I-5 is for sale as of tonight - just got a P-5 to go with my W-5. Prior to this my I-5 drove my NHT's admirably.
I haven't heard the Plinius, but I have heard the Sim, and I bought Sim separates for my main system. The I5 is very neutral and open; it has lots of detail, resolution and dynamics. It also has excellent extension at both ends, but I wouldn't call it warm. In fact, my opinion is that Sim electronics should be partnered with warm speakers and cables, because, if anything, the Sim is a bit cold and not harmonically rich enough. If you thought the Plinius was warm but a little mushy, the Sim may be the opposite, cool and tight as a drum. Getting this balance right is subjective, and it's the key to audio happiness. There were no Sim dealers near me, but I called the company and they were very accommodating. They even arranged an audition at a local dealer who was considering picking up their brand.