Plinius vs. McCormack

I have a pair of B&W speakers-CDM 9NTs. I'm looking at either the Plinius 8200P amp with a Plinius CD LAD preamp or a McCormack DNA225 amp with a McCormack RLD1 preamp. Any thoughts?
No doubt the plinius combo will be the ticket McCormick
is more or less like adcom not bad but sure not in the same class as Plinius.
If you've got good dealers you should try to demo both the Plinius and McCormack equipment at home, which would give you a clear picture of how they work in the context of your system and room and, just as importantly, which works best given your individual tastes/preferences. Any decent dealer should allow you to do demo equipment at home, especially at this level.

I'll just say that I disagree with Mgminc's assertion above that McCormack is "more or less like Adcom" and leave it at that. The only thing I'll add is that many people who own B&Ws seem to speak highly of Classe electronics, so there may be some synergy happening there that might also be worth exploring. Best of luck.

Mgminc, you'd better duck and run! When the McCormack owners read this, you're gonna be toast!
Ahh, Twl. C'mon now. Mgminc is just as entitled as the next guy to be wrong. I'm not going to say it, but if I did say Mgminc doesn't know what he speaketh, I'd know I'd be right, because otherwise I'd change my opinion. :)
Tim said it especially well, and I also agree with Twl and Stehno-- I'll just leave it at that too. Cheers Craig.
I'm sure Mgminc was just using a "play on words". I have a McCormack amp. However, I've not heard Plinius, I have heard the Adcoms. I think Stehno put it into perspective.

Sorry, Adiorio, we sometimes get off track. I searched high and low for a "sweet" amp and the McCormack did it for me. I did mate it with a very good tube pre. Perhaps an option you might explore.
I have a McCormack DNA-2 and use it with a TLC-1 deluxe or my RLD-1 and would highly recomend the McCormack. In my opinion they can't be beat for price to performance ratio.
I had a couple Adcoms and then moved up to the McCormack DNA-1 (for Thiel 2 2's). It was a HUGE improvement!

Sorry, can't comment on Plinius.
10 years, and still nobody has answered the question. I'll wait another 5 or so and check back.
On the lighter side, used prices on the kit should be going down!
Just for the sake of continued unsubstantiated assertion, I will comment on this subject.
I have owned both a McCormack DNA-1 (unmodified) and a Plinius power amp of identical claimed power (200W/side) called, I believe, the M-8. In any case, it is the same power plant as used in the 8200 integrated.
My unverified and unblinded conclusions were (I no longer use either amp) that, overall, the Plinius sounded more "electronic," more like a reproduced sound, than the DNA-1 which showed some warmth and liquidity (no, I am not a banker). I thought the Plinius revealed more inner detail and was more dynamic so, hoping to lower the electronic quality, I tried a pair of Plinius SA100MkIIIs. These did 9indeed sound a bit more naturally warm and neutral (timbrilly) but still put the recorded qualities of the source material ahead of the "live" virtues.
I thought both amps were excellent but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Plinius as the "better" unit but with the caveat that its slight "gray" edge could get on your nerves eventually, as it did with me.
As for me, I compromised by getting 'hold of a Sunfire 600, an amp,with considerably less panache and rep than the Plinius or even the DNA-1. But to my ears, it sounded at least as open, detailed, dynamic, etc. as the Plinius but with a sleek and silky treble and an overall life-like warmth. I am aware that the Sunfire retailed at c.$3000 while the pair of Pliniuses went for c.$9000. I don't care.
Thanks Rpfef :-).
I have a Plinius 8200 Mk II integrated (much improved over original). Ir has dynamic And punch....while having warmth but you would not mistake it for a tubed amp. I am considering a move to check out a McCormack DNA in my system (soliloquy 5.3 floorstanding speakers). Just waiting for a great price on a used DNA revised or one of the newer generation ones like the 250.
mccormack amps are one of the best deals on the used market.the d225 can be had for about solid state amp at that price can match it.
for about 3000.00 steve mccormack will upgrade it to world class,topping amps that cost 10x as much.
jim buck
Adcom vs. McCormack? HA, wow that is one strech.. There is not a SINGLE Adcom capable of even coming close to a McCormack amp of any line they have put out sorry.

But anyway Plinius is a nice amp, but its a bit dry and pricey, I had one vs. a CODA class A amp, the Coda was easily on top.

Plinius vs. McCormack could really depend way more heavily on the absolute system synergy and speaker its driving.

Disclaimer I own none of this equipment anymore or these brand names. But for the record the Adcom was the bottom of the heap :-)
No more edit either on this new audiogon huh?

Anyway I realized typing too fast I missed the second "t" in stretch above.
Wow! This is wonderful. I’m thinking about all my threads that got no replies. And here I was feeling sorry for myself - thinking I was being neglected. But now I realize that maybe they’re just still being pondered.