Plinius Service/Repair

Hello audiophile friends,
I am looking for Matt who used to work for Absolute Audio Service Center in Chico, but this place is closed. Do any of you happen to know where Matt is working right now? Thanks a ton.
don't know if this will help you, but I purchased a Plinius SA100 here and the prior owner had gotten it damaged in shipment not working,

He sent it to a person named Roger Hug in Seattle who fixed it. I have it now, it sounds fantastic .
Scott Haver is a Plinius dealer at Aris Audio in Utah. He's a good resource for these sorts of things.
For proper plinius service you or anybody should contact Frank from Plinius USA. He is a terrific guy do deal with and will assist you with proper service location and he actually does answer his phone.
3439 NE Sandy Boulevard #128
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 662-8210
My plinius SA-250MK4 had a known soft Start failure which needs to be upgraded required by Plinius. It's all fixed now and thanks again for your inputs.
Glad to hear things worked out on the 250. Would you please share your experience with your Plinius amp? What pre are you using and what can you say about the sound? Thanks!
Many Thanks! for sharing ALL,

it is important to post both positive & negative experiences upon dealing w/ these companies. Give a shout-out for your local Plinius dealer/retailer. Happy Listening!
Poor after sales service in the Philippines.  Im thinking of sending it to Plinius NZ directly but redirects me to PHL supplier. Im thinking of sending it to Plinius USA.