Plinius SB-301. thoughts and opinions?

very little info and only a few reviews on these amps out there. most of what's out there seems to be cookie cutter press release info. anyone have any experience or thoughts on this thing?.

general comments welcome but are they at driving difficult speakers (Aerial 7B's). i do understand that they don't quit double down but can't find any detailed info otherwise.

any input from owners or those with experience would be appreciated.

The Plinius SB-301 is a good amp and can drive any speaker. I owned one a few years ago.
Might I suggest you tale a look at Wyred 4 Sound products. There is a lot of bang for the buck there.
I own a close relative, the SA-201. It's an excellent amp. I haven't had any problem driving speakers with it, but mine are not difficult to drive.

Plinius uses high peak current capability to handle power demands rather than the doubling down strategy that many amps use (I don't know how this works, I'm not electronically knowledgeable).

My manual states that,"the total average impedance load for each channel should be within a range of 4 to 8 ohms. The amplifier has a high peak current capability, so impedance dips down to 2 ohms can be accomodated."

A review in HiFi+ commented specifically on the amp's ability to control speakers and "play loud without losing the ability to allow music to communicate."

Hope this helps.
Everyone always say's "Where'd they hide the tubes" meaning those that like harmonics of tube amps like Plinius.I think it and some other like Parasound JC1's have developed a following that 20 years ago Threshold had.I am thinking obout it myself on short list.Know I'd like their older phono section.
Levy03, I own Plinius SB-301. Before had/tried Musical Fidelity Nu Vista, Bryston 4B, Krell separates (not new evolution series and pass separates, not new.5 series -at some day would like to try those). For me this is as good as it gets within that price range (especially if you buy used). Great musicality and super dynamics (drum kicks and piano the best I heard). The trick is to find a matching pre-amplifier, feed it on its own dedicated line and use a good after market cord. You can email me for more details and dealer recommendations
Hello Levy03:
I owned SA-102 and my friend had SB-301. Excellent amplifiers - you cannot go wrong here. I, myself, choose at the end Spectron monoblocks for their "tooobiness" and yet timbral accuracy rare in very powerful amplfifiers like Spectron.
Other two similar choices: BAT & PASS Labs amplifiers

All The Best