Plinius SB 300 v Plinius SA 250 MK IV

Have any of you heard first hand the SB 300 (V) the SA 250 MK IV?
I'm curious as to which amp you liked better and why?
What's the difference between the two as far as Sonics?
Thanks in advance, for those that can help me.
Although I haven't received any responses in this form I have received some emails and had some phone conversations with some audiophiles that have heard the Plinius SB-300 and the Plinius SA-250 MK I, II, III, and IV.
Bottom line is I have ordered a Plinius SB-300 and hope to have it in ten days.
If anyone is interested I have a Silver Plinius SA-100 in excellent condition with original manual and box that I will be selling (and listing on Audiogon along with a Forte 4A) as soon as I receive my new SB-300.
It will be good to test the sa100 vs the sb300 before you sell it and also let us know.
I have been a tube amp guy since 1986 and bought Harbeths a few months ago. They need more current than my Air Tight 300B can give so I bought an SA-50III. Maybe it's the Harbeths but I didn't know S/S could sound so good. Then again, maybe it's the Plinius.
The Plinius is very tube-like. My reference system consists of the Cary 2A3 monoblocks.
I had cary 2A3s 5-6 years ago but could not find a speaker that worked. The Cain & Cains were not available then. I found the Air Tight had enough oopmh for many more speakers. I also had Cary 572s which were really good sounding but those damn tubes died every 6-8 months.
Here’s the follow-up to my posts:
I received my Plinius SB-300 today. After setting it up and cleaning all contact areas with “Kontak” and then spraying with “ProGold G5”, I powered up the amp.
I was cautioned to give the BS-300 a good 30 days to reach it’s full potential (as was already my rule of thumb) I’ll leave the SB-300 on 24/7.
I think the Plinius SA-100 is a damn good amp whether running it in AB or A mode however for this comparison the SA-100 was warmed up and operating in A mode. The SB-300 was set up out of the box and I heard the following from the SB-300 as it’s been playing now for 2.5 hours and sounding improved the longer it plays.
The following are the immediate improvements:
1) More bass slam with a greater bass range.
2) More resolution overall.
3) Greater attack and improved details and imaging.
Associated equipment:
McIntosh MR 80 digital FM Tuner, Dodson DA-217 MK II D Dac, Sonic Euphoria passive preamp,
Wadia 20 Transport, Legacy Signature III speakers, Harmonix HS-101 GP interconnects, Harmonix HS-101 SLC speaker cables, Ridge Street Audio MSE Gen. II Digital Link Interconnect, Porter Port cryo’d Hubbell 8300 AC outlets, Electraglide Ultra Khan and Mini Kahn Plus power cords. My own power filtration system with two dedicated lines (pictures of power filtration system available on my system on Audiogon).
Best regards…
Out of curiosity,which Plinius SA 100 do you have? I currently have an SA 100 MKIII and couldn't be happier.Definitely in the top three of all amps I've heard overall in 30 + years of this hobby.
I had the SA 100 MK III, I liked it very much.
The SB 300 does everything better in a more extended way.
I recently upgraded to the Plinius SA Reference which is less than a week old and still breaking in. It’s amazing how much more detail there is in various passages now that were not auditable before.
Ive owned the Sa250IV nice. Is the 300 run in class A still??
The SB 300 is A/B.
Since this thread has already been derailed...

Lak... I also have Plinius SA100 mkIII's and TVC. Although, I have dual units in balanced/bridged mode which seems to have many of the same advantages you mention. I've also owned amps that were more detailed but the Plinius seemed to tie the stage together as continuous airspace. A group is a group instead of individuals. In your opinion, has that been compromised in favour of more detail or more high frequency energy?
Well my SA250 was a great amp. I have several sets of monoblock tubes and was a nice addition.
i have the sa250 MK IV with the M 16 pre. I used to have the SA 100 mk 3, i agree with lak, ths 250 has a greater resuloution and The bass is more tight, a hugh improvment over the very good SA 100, so i believt the SB 300 will have the same character as the 250 and even furter. I wonder if anyone test XLR ic Aagainst unbalance rca. i use between the pre/amp rca (AQ LAPIZ) and wonder if it will be better to move to balance XLR.

Thanks in advance
TAS Opinion, in January issue, is that Plinius 301 SB and Spectron Musician III SE are extremely close to each other with Plinius slightly better in highs and Spectron is slightly better in bass.
The real difference is that Spectron is $1500 cheaper and twice lighter....
All The best In your search