Plinius SA50 1990 - Worth replacing Caps?

Hi all (First post here).

I have a beaut old 1990/91 Plinius SA50 AMP.
I was wondering since it's that old, is it worth looking to replace the caps?
If so, does anyone know what they are / what they can be replaced with?
If you plan to keep using it, then its about time - 20 years of service on a HOT running amp like yours is about all you can ask for. From memory there are not that many electrolytic caps in the Plinius - so it should not be all that expensive.

Best of luck

Absolutely! There could be some upgrades available also. Now's the time to end up with a better amp than you started with. Replacement parts alone could be an upgrade.
Agree. it's time to replace the electrolytic caps. Seems like that's all I ever do...