Plinius sa102. or jeff rowland model 6

Hi! I'm in the marked for a new amp for my audio physic avanti 5,
Found these amps within my price range of 2-3000$
Any opinions or recommendations would be appreciated !

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I have a strong preference to tube amps but being in this hobby, I've dabbled into solid state. I've owned at least one model within all what would be considered the major players.

Within the Rowland line I've owned a pair of model 7s, mono-blocked model 1s, and stereo model 1.

The last amp I've tried and actually still own is a Plinius sa100.

As Jadem, mentioned, the Rowland 7s were dark and dull (un-involving). I did like the mono blocked 1s, but not enough to be long term keepers.

The plinius is one of the best solid state amps I've heard, top 3. Very detailed but smooth and musical and warm. As close to my tube reference amps Ive heard.