Plinius SA100 or Odyssey Stratos Mono for Dyn 3.4?

So I have narrowed my amp search down to these two. The Stratos Monos are, according to Klaus, very close to the Kizmets (i.e. highly upgraded throughout to sound better than the Extremes). The Plinius SA100 is the single transformer unit, certified buzz-free and in mint condition.

My tastes are rock, blues, and jazz mostly. Preamp/USB DAC is the Peachtree Nova. Who has experience with either - or both - of these amps paired with my Dynaudio Contour S3.4s?
All things being equal (price, age, etc) I vote for the Plinius with its switchable Class A/Class AB, and its excellent track record.

Having owned Odyssey Stratos Extreme monoblocks, I believe they are capable amps, but you can do better for your money, IMO.

Have you considered used Pass Labs? Pass Labs works exceptionally well with Dynaudio.
The Plinius.
I once owned an Odyssey Dual Mono from Klaus. Bought my Plinius, sold the Odyssey, haven't looked back. Nowhere else left for me to go except for tubes.
Not familiar with the Odyssey so can't compare sound but by specs and weight, Plinius SA100 would be closer to the Extremes. SA100's can be bridged for balanced mono for 360W@8 ohms but with caution on "severe" loads this way.

Just wanted to say that "buzz-free" can't be certified from one location to another on any power transformer of any brand because of external factors.
The Plinius, no contest.