Plinius SA100 MKIII/P-8 vs. Belles/McCormack SS?

I am looking at upgrading my amp. Currently I am using Sixpacs in my system, and as good as they sound, I want to get back to SS. The sound is a little too polite for my taste, as have been all of the tubes I have had come through my system. I am planning on purchasing the SF Grand Piano DOMUS (I auditioned and really liked this speaker) but currently am with Von Schweikert VR-2's. I mostly listen to orchestral music, with some jazz, blues, and other acoustic music thrown in there.

Amps I am looking at (around $2000 used or new) would include the McCormack DNA-125, Belles 150a Reference, as well as a used Plinius model (either the SA100 MKIII or P-8: I couldn't find anything about the P-8). I have also looked at the A5cr from MF, but couldn't get a good demo at the dealer (they had it hooked up to Thiel and I wasn't familiar with that speaker). Also would be open to considering another nice SS amp that is detailed yet musical. I have heard the McCormack (although they are not sold locally any longer) and it was nice for the price. Are the others a significant upgrade (they are all more expensive). Of course, I could get the DNA stuff modified, but Steve said the waiting list is 3 months (this is a wintertime hobby for me, so I am hoping to get my system finished in the next couple of weeks-Steve is a great guy BTW).

Thanks for any suggestions!
draw straws....all three are uniformly excellent. the plinius is a classic however.
I own the Plinius SA-100MkIII and it's a lovely amp. It has a tube-like character but still possess ample slam and dynamics for musical swings if needed. However, care need to be taken into consideration when it comes to matching. I find my previous SA-100/Sonus Faber GP combination to be too warm for my listening preferences with considerable rolled-off treble. Some of my mates who have listened to the setup agreed that something was amiss and thought the soundstage was rather flat and dead. We used a Krell KAV-300i to drive the GP's and it sounded much livelier and better.

If you were to consider the SF Domus, I would suggest looking into amps that are more punchy and upfront. If considering the Plinius, avoid warm speakers and go for neutrality or brighter ones.

Have not heard of McCormark but I believe it's a great unit as well. Good luck.
how do you think the plinius sa100 mk3 wuold sound with Totem Tabu's?
Plinius and Martin Logans work very well together. I would look for a speaker that erred on the side of a lean and fast. Dynaudios are a good match too. I have not heard the totems so I canÂ’t comment. That Plinius is a bit colored but very enjoyable and for 100w is a monsterÂ…