Plinius SA REF and. AyreV1x

After a long waste of time(six months!) with a dealer in USA, Agon member, not being able to ship overseas an used amp,(!!?) I'm now in the need to get one ss amp for my Sonus Faber Amatis.
I could get a good deal on Plinius SA REF or Ayre V1x.
I cannot listen to the Plinius in my set-up, so would like to know opinions on these two amps. My pre.s are ARC ls5 mk2 gnsc mod, and Supratek Cortese.
Alma, I have had the Plinius integrated amps,and the seperates.The first amp i had was the original SA-250 and it was FAR AND ABOVE THE BEST AMP I EVER OWNED!Trust me i have owned a lot of them.The SA-100 MK II is also and excellent choice for the money.These amps come with an A/AB switch that comes in handy,and they are all dead quiet,all you hear is the music.You could not go wrong with any Plinius amp IMHO. Michael
I own the V-1x & upgraded to it through the V-5x & V-3. Never owned Plinius separates but had the 8200 integrated for a few weeks. It's not a fair comparison but it couldn't keep up with either the Pass or Ayre gear I had right before & after.

One thing for your consideration is Ayre stands behind their gear a full 100%.

Also, the fellow I bought the V-1x from had a GNSC modded ARC preamp & it mated wonderfully. I'm using a passive now but an active is in my future, the short list being a GNSC ARC, Supratek, BAT and Ayre preamps.