Plinius SA-250MKIV vs Bryston 14B-SST

Has anyone compared these two fine amplifiers? My speakers are large, 200-lb 9-driver design (Coincident Total Victory), yet highly efficient and resolving. Yes, I realize tube amps sound best on them, and I have used many valve designs with great success. However, now with child on the way, need SS, and I have a big room + the system is also used for HT, so the extra power/dynamics can't hurt.

I am most interested in how these two amps would compare sonically. If its' not too much to ask, please restrict comments to these 2 amps, without suggesting other amps (there is a reason for this)- thanks!
Well I love the 14b sst but the plinius is a bit better in class a mode, but you have to consider the plinius is $2000 more, but if cost isn't a issue get the SA-250MKIV.
I had the Plinius sa250III her and it was brite sounding on Schweikert speakers as where I think the bryston will be more bass sound.
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the Plinius sounds very well, but it gets quite hot, the cooling area and the rest of the amp are quite sharp, and with a baby coming along it might be not the best choice. (The same is true for Pass amps.) As far as baby┬┤s safety is concerned, you have no other choice than the Bryston. My ten-month-old daughter is crawling all the time in direction of my stereo set up, and my McIntosh amp, which fortunately is child-safe...Regards,
Florian Hassel
Lets not forget that the Plinius can be A/B for safety purposes. Just make sure to have Class A bias only when you listen critically.... and switch it back to A/B bias yourself or automatically have the amp switch back.